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Focus Factor For Kids

Focus Factor For Kids Rating: 2nd
Overall Success Rate: 90.6%
Last Updated: August 01, 2020

Focus Factor For Kids

Background Check

Here’s an option worth taking a look at if your child is super picky about flavors. As if they don’t bother you about enough things, now you’ve got to worry about the taste of the supplements you’ve spent tons of money on?

Focus Factor For Kids is a cognitive enhancing product for children who struggle with behavior and attention issues. Tons of kids don’t do their best in school because they constantly battle anxiety from trying to keep up with the pressure of being cool. For some kids it may not even be about that – they just can’t stop fidgeting their feet, biting their nails and making inappropriate comments in class. You’ve tried getting them one of those stress balls to play with but that just created more problems because now other kids started getting jealous. What to do? Well, consider giving your child a safe and reliable supplement that tastes great and does the job. Is Focus Factor For Kids a product you must get your child now? Or is it another vitamin-look-a-like scam?

Formula Highlights


Cool – we’ve got ourselves some phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylcholine, inositol and coenzyme Q10. Just those 4 ingredients alone can already beat most of the formulations for kids that we’ve come across. A lot of supplement companies are getting lazy these days and using a multi-vitamin formula as an excuse for a breakthrough brain-boosting product for children with ADD/ADHD. Focus Factor For Kids doesn’t look like they’re going to be one of them, though.

The basic things that your child needs in order to start showing better behavior and improved focus including: increased mental energy, reduced anxiety and improved mood. Does Focus Factor For Kids have the right ingredients at the right dosages to achieve all these things? Let’s start off with ingredient #1 – phosphatidylserine, a compound that may protect nerve cells from radical damage and improve memory recall. Ingredient #2 – phosphatidylcholine, a nootropic that boosts focus and focus skills. Ingredient #3 – inositol, a chemical compound that lifts mood and regulates brain activity. Ingredient #4 – coenzyme Q10, an ingredient involved with the production of ATP energy.

Rating: 16/20

Effects and Benefits

It’s hard for us to tell you guys the exact effects of this product because to be perfectly honest, we’re no longer 5-year-olds (as much as we wish we were). So to give you guys a good idea, check out what other parents think about this product:

“I was referred to this item when my son was having trouble focusing at school, our doctor recommended this to try first before any kind of testing was done and although not a be all end all cure has shown marked improvement in focusing. They are chewable tablets taken twice daily so you can get a months supply out of one bottle. My husband and I decided to try this to add to our normal vitamins that we give our son and it hasn’t hurt any, definately worth it to try if you are also having a focusing problem with your own child.” By PO’d from

“Looking at the ingredients I am quite unimpressed! Who reasearched this stuff? Daily values for kids with ADHD of phosphatidylserine are more like 200mg/day, not 5mg. ADHD kids also need magnesium 200mg, zinc 35mg, D3 upwards to 2000IU. Also we have some pretty good results in our house with Siberian Ginseng, just an FYI. I used to do neuro research with Phosphatidylserine.

Don’t buy this. If it is working for your child it is either placebo, or your child just needs a very slight nudge.

We have serious ADHD here, both parents, and we’ve created some quite spirited children. This wouldn’t touch us!” By S. Selby from

Rating: 16/20

Potential Side Effects

No serious side effects have been reported from using this product although some parents don’t like their child to be reliant on multi-vitamins from such a young age. One thing we must warn you about: if your child is taking any kind of medications, ask your doctor as to whether it is suitable to use with Focus Factor For Kids.

Rating: 16/20

Pricing Options

We love this part. Each bottle of Focus Factor For Kids costs $9.80 on What a spectacular price…this gives you the opportunity to get your child a good quality vitamin-based, brain boosting product without hurting your wallet. To use the product, take 2 chewables per day with a meal.

Rating: 16.5/20

Online Reviews

“The taste was ok but I didn’t notice a difference in my 5 year old’s ability to focus or remember more than a few instructions at once. Maybe we could have gone longer, but I didn’t feel like spending more when I didn’t even see a slight improvement. On another note, I also read several books on personality (Nature by Nurture and The Child Whisperer) right about the time we finished up this bottle and since both those books described my daughter to a tee, I stopped feeling like this was a problem to address and more that this is a personality type I need to work with. So there’s that. But I have heard it works well for some, just not for us.”

  • Megan from

 Rating: 16/20



  • It’s affordable
  • Contains ingredients that will help with mental performance


  • Formula is basically a multi-vitamin with a few extra ingredients
  • Not very potent for kids with severe ADD/ADHD

Our Verdict

You should be giving your child the best supplement out there if you want to see him/her grow and excel over the next few years. Focus Factor For Kids is super affordable and does contain some good ingredients, so it is a product that you should place on your “To be considered” list. We loved reading some of the comments that parents have posted about Focus Factor For Kids and how much the product helped their child gain focus and concentration at school. But as good as Focus Factor For Kids is, it still hasn’t knocked off Lumultra Prep from being our #1 supplement for kids! Learn more about Lumultra Prep and you’ll see why every parent can’t resist buying it.


Focus Factor For Kids Reviewed by Top Cognitive Enhancers. Rating:90.6%

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