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VitaBiotics Wellman 70+

Overall Success Rate: 88.5%
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VitaBiotics Wellman 70+

Background Check

A man deserves to be able to wake up feeling energized, sharp and ready to attack whatever comes his way…even at 70! VitaBiotics has created a line of products designed to boost the mental performance of male seniors. The products are mostly composed of vitamins and minerals but there are a few interesting nootropics that are worth giving a try. If you are at all interested in a product that can help boost your overall wellbeing and brain performance then don’t go anywhere! We know all about Wellman 70+’s ingredients and have tested the product to share with you what kind of results it can bring! Keep reading this review to learn more about Wellman 70+ and stay tuned until the end to learn about our Editors’ top choice for seniors!

Formula Highlights


Wellman 70+ contains a full blend of vitamins and minerals that are needed to support brain health in the long-term. The two ingredients that caught our attention the most are L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

  • L-Carnitine is responsible for energy production. The supplement is often used by fitness junkies to gain more of an energy boost before working out and exercising. 20 mg of L-Carnitine, however, is not going to give you a burst of energy. It’s simply going to make you feel more awake and alert.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) contains antioxidants that protect brain cells. As we age, brain cells naturally degenerate. However, supplementing with antioxidants may protect against or slow down the process of mental decline.

Rating: 15/20

Effects and Benefits

Wellman 70+ is designed to boost cognitive function, eye health and immune function. The vitamins and minerals in the formula should be able to support overall health and slow down the development of age-related mental decline.
Since the amount of nootropics or cognitive enhancing supplements in the formula is quite limited, you shouldn’t expect to see remarkable results within a couple of weeks. Once you stop using the product, however, you may feel fatigue, reduced energy and brain fog.

Rating: 17/20

Potential Side Effects

You should not be concerned of side effects with this formula. It mostly consists of FDA-approved vitamins and minerals, so the chances of getting side effects are little to none. If you were to feel more comfortable taking the product after speaking with your doctor then you can easily show him/her the supplement facts label.

Rating: 17/20

Pricing Options

A pack of Wellman 70+ costs $10.77 and will last an entire month. The product is manufactured in the U.K. so shipping costs may be a little more expensive than usual. Once you do get the product, take 1 tablet per day with your main meal. The ingredients become far more easily absorbed when taken with food.

Rating: 16/20

Online Reviews

“I have been trying all different types of vitamins without success. I purchased Wellman tablets last week and feel well and energised. I will be recommending Wellman and continue to buy them. I will also be trying their other products in the range. Thank you Wellman.”

– Mr. C F from the U.K.

“On the whole Wellman is a great Multivitamin providing good levels of nutrient. Particularly pleased with the level of Selenium but would like to see more of the B vitamins 1,2,3, & 6 (25mg) and Magnesium (500mg).”

– Mr Neil Pearce from the U.K.

 Rating: 17/20



  • May support overall brain health
  • Affordable


  • Contains barely any strong nootropics
  • May take up to weeks to ship to the U.S.

Our Verdict

Wellman 70+ is a good supplement to take if you merely wish to support overall brain health. If you want to experience better focus, sharper memory and higher energy levels then we do highly recommend for you to supplement with a potent nootropic supplement. Our Editors’ top choice is Lumonol Wisdom, but you’ve tried that and felt like it wasn’t for you then Wellman 70+ is a good second option. If you live outside the UK then you may need to wait a few weeks before the product arrives at your doorstep – another reason why you should order Lumonol Wisdom, a supplement manufactured by an American company. Buying Lumonol Wisdom is also RISK-FREE because it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Go get yourself a bottle of Lumonol Wisdom today and experience what it’s like to be young again!

VitaBiotics Wellman 70+ Reviewed by Top Cognitive Enhancers. Rating:88.5%
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