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Background Check

BriteSmart is another nootropic product in the market, and it’s manufactured by a certain BriteFocus that’s based in Tusti, California. Other products in the manufacturer’s roster include BriteShield, marketed for older adults, and BriteShot for a younger segment.

BriteSmart is said to contain a proprietary and clinically tested formulation of nutraceuticals for helping optimize brain function, improve memory, enhance mental focus, as well as increase brain energy. It’s also said to have undergone extensive research, a safe and nartural formulation. The recommended daily dose is two capsules, although individual results may vary.

Formula Highlights

Supplement Facts

Key Ingredients

Here are the primary ingredients of the product and their corresponding expected benefits:


  • Acetyl-L-carnitine– Involved in energy metabolism, as well as scientifically shown to reduce certain aspects of aging such as neurological decline and fatigue.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid– A fatty acid that’s part of energy metabolism and boasts potent antioxidant properties.
  • Huperzine A– Extracted from a herb, it helps slows the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
  • Rhodiola– This adaptogenic plant has been used for centuries to reduce fatigue, improve mood, reduce anxiety, and increase energy.
  • Vinpocetine – This alkaloid is obtained from the periwinkle plant, holding a number of benefits such as memory enhancement, stress reduction, and overall cognitive enhancement.


Note that BriteSmart contains Ceretrophin, its maker’s proprietary blend, meaning all ingredients are disclosed by not the exact amount of each. BriteFocus has promptly trademarked this, currently patent pending.


Rating: 15/20

Effects and Benefits

BriteSmart is said to improve brain cell communication by enhancing cerebral blood circulation and uptake in oxygen and glucose. It also touted to improve mood and reduce stress, effectively getting rid of two substantial barries to better brain performance. Note, too, that all three products of BriteFocus contain “natural ingredients that have been in the marketplace for over 20 years.”

What it’s supposed to do is strengthen your brain function while increasing energy and focus. It’s also supposed to improve mood and a feeling of calm. These are your everyday, garden-variety nootropic benefits promoted all over the media, so we don’t see anything new in its claims and only hope they actually work and aren’t just lip service.

Rating: 15/20

Potential Side Effects

With its attention to energy, BriteSmart’s effects might as well be firing rapidly to bring immediate benefits. This offers a warning, however, against potential jitters and even a headache that you didn’t see coming.

Rating: 13/20

Pricing Options

You can get a 60-capsule bottle of BriteSmart after you cough up $59.95, which is one one of the astronomical prices we’ve seen thus far slapped on a nootropic product. There’s 10 dollars off when you auto-ship, but who’s got time, energy, and commitment for that? Enough said.

Rating: 10/20

Online Reviews

For a product slapped with that price tag and claiming to hail from the lab of a reputable manufacturer, BriteSmart suffers relatively poor and lacking reviews online. This is telling of its market reputation (not a seasoned nootropic contender, we’re sure) and the negative perception of it. From the few, intermittent reviews we found, there are also complaints of quick energy jolts that users mostly didn’t sign up for. Many are looking for sustained cognitive benefits, not quick flashes of genius.

Rating: 10/20



  • Complementary brain enhancement products namely BriteShield and BriteShot
  • Good product packaging


  • Lack of customer feedback and reviews to vouch for the supplement
  • Incomplete ingredient disclosure + no independent clinical data

Our Verdict

BriteSmart is backed by a manufacturer that namedrops popular medical practitioners and researchers in the area of brain health. But there’s more to a good nootropic than just marketing machinery. Given the backbreaking price, the useless ingredients in the roster, and the lack of scientific research backing up its claims, this nootropic seems to be on the losing end right now rather than a compelling product to try.

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