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Background Check

Neurofuse proposes that with more focus and energy, you can dramatically improve your life by accomplishing more of what you consider important. Sounds like a tempting proposition, yes? Neurofuse attracts customers with its promise of unlocking the brain’s potential, where the can accomplish more through boosting energy, improving mental performance, and reducing perceived stress. This supplement seeks to help you get more out of every day by combining premium nootropic ingredients into a serving of 2 capsules.

Formula Highlights

Supplement Facts

Key Ingredients

Neurofuse banners the use of “a precise blend” of 12 nootropic ingredients to help you accomplish more every day. Here they are:


  • Alpha Lipoic Acid– Involved in energy metabolism suggested to be a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound
  • Bacopa Monnieri– Potent antioxidant used to increase cognition, memory formation and longevity
  • Caffeine– Among the most well-researched and proven ingredients that can stimulate mental performance & physical energy in addition to sensitizing neurons
  • Choline Bitartrate– Boosts acetylcholine levels, the “learning” neurotransmitter involved in numerous mental processes
  • Huperzine A– Promotes cognition by inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down the key neurotransmitter acetylcholine
  • L-Theanine– Naturally found in teas that helps reduce stress and promote relaxation without making you sleepy.
  • Phosphatidylserine– Naturally occurring phospholipid vital for cognitive function; improves cognition and memory and decreases cognitive decline
  • Rhodiola Rosea– A Scandinavian herb that promotes physical and mental youth by combating fatigue and helping the body deal with stress
  • Vitamin B6– Used in neurotransmitter synthesis and for treatment of Alzheimer’s and ADHD
  • Vitamin D3– Can support improved mood, cognition, well-being and countless other benefits
  • Vitamin B12– Used to boost energy, mood, and concentration while potentially slowing aging
  • Other ingredients –Vinpocetine, Pikatropin, DMAE Bitartrate, and Vitamin B3


This list is as comprehensive as it can get, and it’s apparent that Neurofuse put great thought into its constituency by adding some of the biggest star ingredients of nootropics.


Rating: 17/20

Effects and Benefits

With its clear focus on short-term, immediate benefits (helping users do more in their daily lives), Neuroguse intends to increase memory, reduce reaction time, and reduce stress without a sedating effect. In its clinical data, you can find results such as the following:

  • Enhanced memory and learning performance (Huperzine A)
  • Significantly reduced life stress symptoms as early as 3 days with increasingly positive effects after 4 weeks (Rhodiola Rosea)
  • Enhanced speed of visual information processing, learning rate, as well as memory consolidation (Bacopa Monnieri)

While all these are positive and filled with potential to drastically influence one’s mental wellness for the better, what are the sustainable benefits of Neurofuse? It doesn’t seem to be big on long-term, sustained effects of supplementation, only everyday affairs. How does it help you combat the accumulating effects of cognitive decline with aging? It doesn’t seem to have an answer for these “bigger” concerns that sooner or later will confront all of us as we age and wage bigger battles at work, in school, and our aging bodies and minds.

Rating: 15.5/20

Potential Side Effects

Neurofuse has a caffeine content, so we are issuing this reminder to those who don’t react well to caffeine and similar stimulating substances. Otherwise, there isn’t a sizable number of complaints of side effects while supplementing with this nootropic.

Rating: 14.5/20

Pricing Options

Neurofuse comes “cheaper than your coffee habit” at $69.99 for a month’s supply. The money-back guarantee also comes with a 14-day trial period where you can just pay for shipping and handling fees while canceling subscription any time you want to. This price is on the upper part of the pricing range, likely taking into account the 2-4 capsule a day recommended intake.

Rating: 13/5

Online Reviews

Neurofuse is an extensively reviewed nootropic product on the web. The positive reviews point to how it can lead to better information processing, concentration, energy levels, and alertness. The negative reviews, though, report the occasional headaches, slight increases in anxiety levels, and related side effects typically seen in nootropic usage. We also did not find reports of any serious, life-threatening side effect.

Rating: 16/20



  • Comprehensive ingredient list
  • Relatively good customer feedback
  • Comes from an established manufacturer


  • Caffeine base
  • Expensive price tag
  • 2-a-day recommended capsule intake

Our Verdict

There is much to be appreciated about Neurofuse on the surface, from its precise ingredient blend to its monthly membership program to its solid, well-mounted marketing strategy. However, we’re alarmed by its fixation to short-term benefits, such as having mental clarity for the day. Sure, that’s a big benefit for some, but how about sustained benefits that will help more and older individuals, particulatrly those who are facing age-related issues?

We found its campaign focus a bit short-sighted, and it didn’t help that it performed just average in our product trial. No undesirable side effects that are noteworthy, no drastic jump in mental improvements and performance either. It’s right there in the middle, a spot it can’t afford to stay awhile in if it wants to be the best nootropic.

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