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True Focus

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True Focus

Background Check

True Focus nootropic from NOW supplements in its product copy that norepinephrine and dopamine are key neurotransmitters that maintain alertness and mental acuity as well as promote general well-being. This process is what the supplement seeks to promote, combining important nutrients with other traditional ingredients for the desired brain-enhancing results.

Recommended daily dosage is up to four capsules or 1 to 2 caps taken 1-2 times a day.

It’s curious to note that the promotions of True Focus is focused not on the product itself, but its manufacturer’s background. According to it, NOW has been in the natural products industry since 1968, back when “healthy foods and natural supplements weren’t mainstream” and it’s already made it a mission to help empower people to lead healthier lives. Let’s see if the nootropic can excel on its own merit or forever hinge on the popularity of its maker.

Formula Highlights

Supplement Facts

Key Ingredients

As seen on the product label, here are the ingredients of True Focus:


  • CoQ10 (10 mg per serving)
  • DMAE (60 mg per serving)
  • Ginkgo biloba (40 mg per serving)
  • Grape seed extract (80 mg per serving)
  • Potassium (10 mg per serving)
  • L-phenylalanine (300 mg per serving)
  • L-tyrosine (800 mg per serving)
  • Potassium ascorbate powder (60 mg per serving)
  • Taurine (100 mg per serving)
  • Vitamin B6 from pyridoxine HCI (12 mg per serving)
  • Vitamin C from potassium ascorbate (36 mg per serving)
  • Other ingredients: cellulose (capsule), magnesium stearate (vegetable source), and silica


This is a pretty solid ingredient base, although we’ve seen plenty of other formulas with better and more potent ingredient extracts. They are lab-tested for purity and the exact composition declared on the label.


Rating: 15/20

Effects and Benefits

True Focus concentrates of the action of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine for maintaining alertness and mental acuity. These two are produced int he body from amino acid precursors L-tyrosine and L-phenylalanine. The conversion process, too, requires vitamin C and vitamin B6 as co-factors. What the supplement claims to do is combine these nutrients with others like gingko biloba and DMAE for a formula that works to help enhance cognition, extend attention span, and retain information, to name a few.

It’s quite a complex process behind optimal brain enhancement, but a nootropic should at least work enough to provide concrete, consistent benefits. In True Focus’ case, we didn’t see a great difference during product trial, although there seems to be better focus and retention, befitting its name.

Rating: 14.5/20

Potential Side Effects

Our own experience with True Focus demonstrated barely any side effects in the short term, or 4 weeks to be exact. But online reviews point to the occasional minor side effects such as stomach upset, minor headaches, and mental fog once supplementation is stopped.

Rating: 13/20

Pricing Options

A 90-count bottle of True Focus, which is good for 45 days, costs about $19.99, which is some of the chgeapest we’ve seen online. It’s way below average but also worth mentioning is the low dosage amounts of the product and a rather modest ingredient list. Perhaps a classic case of getting what you pay for, right?

Rating: 15/20

Online Reviews

True Focus enjoys more than 500 customer reviews on Amazon alone, and this volume makes it a given that there will be a mix of positive and negative feedback. The documented side effects online, though, is quite consistent with what we’ve seen on Amazon, particularly a state of exhaustion once the user stopped intake. Users are also quick to complain about the maximum daily dose of 4 capsules, which seems too much for some (including us).

Rating: 15/20



  • Backed by a veteran supplements maker
  • Affordable price
  • Familiar ingredients in the formula


  • Lack of scientific grounding for benefit claims
  • Relatively well-documented side effects (albeit minor)
  • Proposition doesn’t stand out in nootropic market

Our Verdict

True Focus seems like a good option for nootropic beginners, especially those who want a friendly price and are looking for a product made by a veteran supplement manufacturer. It hits all those marks. But beyond the surface, the supplement has quite a bit of work to do in showing clinical proof for its claims, tackling the recorded side effects, and its lackluster proposition that won’t attract long-time nootropic users.


True Focus Reviewed by Top Cognitive Enhancers. Rating:76.6%
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