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Background Check

Puritan’s Pride Neuro-PS positions itself as a good source of brain nutrition. It banners the benefits of its main ingredient, phosphatidyl serine (PS) as a safe and effective therapeutic agent in treating memory deficit disorders as well as improving other higher brain functions. The official product website, however, also carries a disclaimer saying that there is very limited research that will conclusively establish that PS helps reduce cognitive dysfunction.

Puritan’s Pride is a long-time supplier of affordable nutritional supplements, so there isn’t a lot that needs to be discussed when it comes to the supplement maker. However, the point now is to figure out if Neuro-PS is truly the lifesaver it’s painted to be.

Formula Highlights

Supplement Facts

Neuro-PS contains Phospholipid Complex from soy lecithin, standardized to contain phosphotidylserine, 300 mg.

Key Ingredients

Phosphatidylserine is a nootropic that plays a crucial role in the mission of in keeping memory sharp. It does this by protecting the brain cells and efficiently transmitting messages between them. It also enhances connectivity between neurons and brain cells while hindering aging and age-related ailments from wreaking havoc on the brain. The benefits have been documented in aspects of memory, reaction times, as well as clarity of thought.

While PS might as well be a wonder product, it’s not enough for Neuro-PS to contain only this ingredient and not bank on the potential synergies among different nootropic ingredients. This severely limits what the nootropic can do and how it can maximize brain power, especially among seniors and vulnerable groups.

Rating: 12/20

Effects and Benefits

We “road-tested” Neuro-PS for some six weeks to test if its claims are on the same level as real results. True enough, there were fewer to no episodes of forgetfulness, but it came with a steep price. In the first few days, there were pronounced dizzy spells that kept our product tester in bed for a few minutes in bed per day. Unsurprisingly enough, the spells came to a halt a daya fter she stopped using the product. Coincidence or direct correlation? We cannot say for sure, but the dizzies are nasty for sure and are an unwelcome effect.

Rating: 10/20

Potential Side Effects

The website does not list side effects, but actual side effects during intake certainly raised questions about Neuro-PS. We would definitely suggest anyone planning to take Neuro-PS to have a word with their physician or closely observe the results in the first few days of supplementation. If you experience any side effects, discontinue use immediately.

Rating: 10/20

Pricing Options

There are several options for buying Neuro-PS. There’s likely greater value for money if you opt to buy the two-bottle pack instead of just one bottle.

However, it’s also worth noting that pricing is almost the same as with other nootropic supplements. The catch is those other nootropics contain more than one ingredient, which doesn’t make you 100% reliant on PS.

Rating: 11/20

Online Reviews

We had a truly hard time looking for online reviews of Neuro-PS, may it be due to intense competition or poor market visibility of the product. Most reviews are published on Amazon that cite its dependability and satisfactory performance to be used routinely for months. The problem is the good word comes from Amazon users alone, with a grand total of 29 reviews as we were producing this piece.

Rating: 13/20



  • Enhances memory


  • Only one ingredient used
  • Caused dizzy spells
  • Little to no reviews and information available on the internet
  • Website does not offer valuable information on the supplement

Our Verdict 63%

Neuro-PS is a one-trick pony. No matter that the ingredient listed is a valuable nootropic, itis severely limited and normally works better when combined with other ingredients that serve different purposes in brain enhancement. Sometimes it takes a village (of nootropic ingredients), and sadly Neuro-PS has a lot of catching up to do to be on a par with many of its close competitors.

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