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Brain Armor

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Background Check

Looking through Brain Armor’s official website, our first impression is that they are a very reliable brand. Their website is complete with a supplement facts sheet, testimonials, terms and conditions, contact information, and more. So what is Brain Armor exactly? Well, this supplement is specifically designed for “athletes to maximize performance”. With a formula rich in Omega-3 DHA, the product can help to improve cognitive as well as visual performance. It seems that Brain Armor is quite a unique supplement in that it only uses one main ingredient to increase sport-related mental skills. For those of you interested to boost your sports visualization and overall well being, keep reading to find out more. Who knows? Perhaps Brain Armor could be the solution to reach your fullest potential.

Formula Highlights

Each capsule contains 350mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

DHA: Docosahexaenoic acid is an Omega-3 fatty acid found in meat of cold-water fish (i.e. mackerel, salmon, tuna, cod liver, etc). DHA is a very important nutrient, particularly for babies and young people who are still in the process of growth. For the first four months of a premature life, babies receive DHA from breast-feeding. This intake of DHA helps to promote better mental development and improve vision. Since DHA is so beneficial for babies and children, scientists have begun to wonder whether it can help adults. Although research continues to be extremely limited, there have been results showing that DHA may be used to reduce risk of heart disease, prevent eye diseases, treat type 2 diabetes, and treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Brain Armor claims that its product can help to improve vision and cognitive performance. However, these claims have not been backed up by scientific evidence, which makes it very difficult for us to evaluate the truth behind it. Although we understand that a lot of these nootropics are new to the overall supplement market and thus have not gone through a lot of testing, a few experiments are necessary before selling the product for use.

Rating: 15/20

Effects and Benefits

A more realistic promise that Brain Armor could have made is that taking their product on a daily basis could improve overall health and potentially prevent eye disease development. We say this simply because there is a lack of clinical studies to prove the actual effectiveness of DHA. While we would love to support the company and its claims, we are here to provide our readers with an unbiased, factual review of products.

DHA definitely won’t harm your body at Brain Armor’s recommended dose, but can we go so far as to say that it will ‘build stronger brains’ and ‘maximize performance’. Maybe not quite.

Rating: 15/20

Potential Side Effects

During our 4-week trial with Brain Armor, we did not come across any adverse side effects. All the testers felt perfectly normal and healthy, without experiencing the common side effects that come along with cognitive enhancing supplements (i.e. headaches and nausea). This tells us that Brain Armor carefully engineered their product to contain specific, safe doses of DHA in each pill. We truly appreciate it when a company makes the extra effort to ensure customer safety and well-being. Well done on this part, Brain Armor.

Rating: 17/20

Pricing Options

One bottle of Brain Armor contains 180 softgels and costs $49.99. By taking the daily recommended dose of 3 softgels per day, the stock should last you a solid 2 months. This would come down to $0.83 per day. Although you may be impressed by the price, please keep in mind that the product only contains one ingredient. This means that their production costs are quite low, which enable them to be very competitive with their pricing. As a fish oil/omega-3 supplement, we think Brain Armor would be worth the price.

Rating: 16/20

Online Reviews

Interestingly enough, it was difficult for us to find any customer reviews on the product. The only ones available are the testimonials provided by the company itself on their official website. Otherwise, not a single one of their Facebook’s 11,738 fans have anything to say about them. Smell fishy to you?

If you are still interested to check out some of the testimonials provided, keep reading:

“First off, can I just mention how cool it is that this supplement comes from all natural plant sources? Secondly, as an athlete I need the extra supplements to keep my body running full steam and getting my dose of DHA helps me achieve that goal. Great stuff.”

  • Dala, FL


“Fantastic supplement! You can’t ask for better than this. I am happy knowing I’m getting the Omega-3’s I need to stay at the top of my game. Thank Brain Armor!”

  • Mario, IL

Rating: 16/20


RECAP: Pro’s vs Con’s



  • Good price
  • Covers necessary amount of omega-3
  • Could prevent visual and cardiovascular failure in the future


  • Fishy activity on social networks
  • No clinical trials to back up claims


Our Verdict


Brain Armor is a brain supplement manufactured by lifeDHA. It aims to provide cognitive, visual and cardiovascular support with its key ingredient – DHA. From an interview with Nutritional Outlook, we noticed that spokesperson Cassie France-Kelley mentioned “This is a different platform for delivering DHA for brain, eye, and heart health to a new audience”. The word ‘new’ here is key because it suggests that product is primarily targeted at athletes. Brain Armor is also marketed as a product that can help with muscle recovery and oxygen utilization.


Our bottom line is this: if you’re a serious athlete looking to improve performance or recover from concussions and muscle damage, please turn your attention elsewhere. Brain Armor is a nutritional supplement, meaning that it is exempt from FDA approval or genuine scientific trials. With that said, please be aware that taking a fast, inexpensive method in order to make your way to recovery may come with certain dangers. In our short-term trial there were no visible side effects, but we certainly cannot justify what the product may do in the long-term. Then again, the company has been certified by NSF International’s Athletic Banned Substance Certified for Sport program.


However, if you’re someone who is simply looking for a dietary supplement that can provide you with an essential omega-3 supply, Brain Armor could be the perfect product for you. With high potency and a good price, we don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

Brain Armor Reviewed by Top Cognitive Enhancers. Rating: 79%


Brain Armor Reviewed by Top Cognitive Enhancers. Rating:70.1%
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