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Background Check

The reason we’re reviewing AddieUp today is that we just keep getting request after request to review it! Seems like AddieUp is doing something great with their marketing as it’s probably one of our most-requested brain pills.

Well, maybe this is because AddieUp is literally EVERYWHERE. It’s really popular due to their social media efforts, where they cleverly start commenting on all competitor products to try out AddieUp, usually shouting out a discount as well. A little dirty marketing never killed nobody, eh? In any case, AddieUp is a very popular option, especially for students, as an alternative to Adderall.

Going online, you’ll find that their website contains a TON of sensationalized marketing hype, along with a number of unsubstantiated claims. They often compare AddieUp with generic and brand name focus medication (surely, Adderall) too. While it may seem like there’s a lot of information, there really isn’t. Nothing has been written on the website to inform, but instead, all of them were written to convince you to buy.

There isn’t even any information on the ingredients on the website, aside from a quick description saying that AddieUp contains Nootropics, Yerba Mate, and Guarana. There are no sources listed to back up their claims either, so if you’d want to look more into the ingredients in Adderall, you’re almost definitely going to have to take research into your own hands. Fortunately though, they’ve included a supplement facts label on their site.

“AddieUP™ combines stimulants and nootropics, using the highest quality ingredients in their proper proportion. We use only the finest ingredients in our formula. We know of no other supplement that delivers the focus, attention support, and energy that AddieUP™ focus pills provide.”

Formula Highlights

Supplement Facts:
Caffeine 100mg
Proprietary Blend 821mg
4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate, Guarana,
Caffeine Anhydrous, Yerbe Mate, Beta Phenylethylamine,
Higenamine HCL, Methyl-Synephrine HCL,
Choline Bitartrate, Ginkgo Biloba, Huperzine

Looking at the formula, we aren’t too happy that the manufacturers have decided to keep most of the ingredients in AddieUp under a proprietary blend. While you might argue that this is to stop competitors from copying their formula (at least, that’s what they’re implying on their website), there really isn’t much to copy. Most ingredients work effectively under certain specific milligrams, and this information is readily available on the internet for anyone to read. Perhaps the reason why they hide their ingredients under a proprietary blend is to hide the fact that they’re using more of the cheap ingredients, and might have just included the more expensive ones in minimum amounts so that they can be listed on the label. Food for thought.

Overall, AddieUp’s formula is kind of the right idea, but is lacking in quality. We appreciate the fact that they didn’t include any country-sensitive ingredients like DMAE or Piracetam, but the ingredients that they’ve selected aren’t even high in quality. For example, a great decision to include choline in their formula, but Choline Bitartrate is rather cheap and low in bioavailability (i.e., ineffective). Instead of that, a better option would have probably been Citicholine. Similarly, they should have lost the caffeine altogether in favor for more Guarana.

Key Ingredients:

Ginkgo Biloba: America’s best-selling herbal supplement that helps benefit the brain in two ways: improved blood flow to tissues and organs, and as an antioxidant preventing oxidative damage to cells. Ginkgo is believed to greatly help with memory and concentration, while also working on reducing brain fog. In studies, Ginkgo has also shown to prevent age-related decline and similar brain illnesses.

Guarana: Having one of the highest concentrations of caffeine, guarana is an incredibly potent natural energy booster. It has in studies been shown to improve mental performance as well as alertness, and even has a very positive effect for mood. Guarana also has a positive effect in aiding weight loss and works synergistically with L-Theanine for a calm energy experience.

Huperzine: A natural supplement that is known to increase the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain. It has in many studies shown effectiveness in improving focus and clarity, while also having positive effects on memory recall and the storage of information in the brain. Due to the nature of the supplement, its effectiveness reduces when taken continuously, and so must be cycled off for 1-2 days every week.

Overall, AddieUp has the right idea, but the wrong execution. They’ve got the core elements to what makes a good nootropic supplement, but seem to be cutting corners by using low quality ingredients in their formula.

Rating: 15/20

Effects and Benefits

We took AddieUp for 30 days, making sure that we weren’t consuming any other supplements that may interfere with the tests results.

Even just after 20 minutes of taking AddieUp, the effects are already evident. We could already feel an intense buzz and a noticeable increase in energy and focus. It would be easy to get lost, while doing something, putting all your attention and brain power to it. Despite being marketed to students, we found AddieUp working very well outside the classroom as well – especially in the office, when doing tasks that require a lot of brain power.

AddieUp seemed to help with brain fog and creativity too, as there were often times when working on AddieUP that one of us could look ‘outside the box’ and tackle the problem from a completely different angle. Of course, this didn’t occur for everyone, but it was still interesting enough to note.

The biggest problem with AddieUp, however, was that towards the second or third week, we started feeling really bad from taking AddieUp. We would feel really lethargic, demotivated, and unwilling to go out – especially when waking up in the morning. We believe this to be the amount of stimulants in AddieUp. While an energy enhancer like Guarana is okay, the addition of Caffeine and Caffeine Anhydrous, as listed in the formula, might have made for too much caffeine… and therefore, the contributed to the inevitable crash.

Unfortunately, AddieUp didn’t do much for mood or memory.

Rating: 14/20

Potential Side Effects

The side effects we experienced from taking AddieUp included headaches, crashes, lethargy, diarrhea, and anxiety… most of which could have been prevented if there was less caffeine in AddieUp. If you experience any adverse effects or allergies, please stop taking AddieUp immediately.

Please also keep yourself adequately hydrated when on AddieUp.

Due to the inclusion of Huperzine in the formula, you should not take AddieUp daily. For best results, we advise you to cycle it off for two days every week.

Rating: 16/20

Pricing Options

A 60-capsule bottle of AddieUp costs $59.95, which should last you 60 (yes, sixty) days under the recommended daily dosage of one capsule. Why just one capsule? Probably because the caffeine content in just one is already so high. The manufacturers must have realized that it wouldn’t be safe to take more than just one. In any case, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The price for AddieUp isn’t actually that bad when compared to other brain supplements. The problem is that AddieUp doesn’t really have the same effects as most brain supplements. It’s a lot more like an energy pill. The effects, the side effects – all symptoms of caffeine use. In that case, you really might be better off buying a $20 bottle of caffeine pills. It’s definitely a lot cheaper and will produce similar effects.

Rating: 17/20

Online Reviews

Opinions online regarding AddieUp are rather mixed. For every negative comment we’ve seen, there is an equally positive one, this one really is a mixed bag.

User Review by Dnc61 on

First off this product is not Aderall or Vyvanse. The product came with one bottle of 60 pills I immediately took one and after about 20 minutes it kicked in. Wow it was a nice boost of clean energy that lasted for around 3-4 hours. It can make boring tasks go by quicker and helps with focus and energy. I will be ordering more soon

User Review by Ryan WIlde on

I use this product off and on when I don’t want to take an Adderall. I just read a review where someone said the formula has changed??? If that’s true I would like to know before I re-order. But the 3 bottles I purchased 3 months ago work as promised. It is obviously not a controlled substance or an amphetamine, so I don’t expect it to work like one.

User Review by Nave on

So they changed the formula and removed the dmaa (known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine on their old package). The old stuff would make you jittery and nerve racked at times. Now it’s a mild caffeine boost before falling asleep a few hours later.

The whole power/focus/energy is a cheap marketing, where you can find more energy in most soda.

Compared to standard medical items,which it chooses to compare itself on their website, you get far less and this cost more.

Don’t waste money or time with this.

User Review by nikki on

I had purchased this after reading reviews of it being a great product. Well everyone who said it gave them tons of “clean focus” must have not to so much to focus on in my opinion. I am a busy medical assistant working with 3 doctors at a time 8 1/2 shifts 5 days a week and felt that I too needed a clean focus and more energy. I felt this product made me more thirsty and actually had me yawning more throughout the day even though I didn’t feel tired! Random headaches between my eyes also. Not sure if it was due to these but It definatly didn’t feel any more energy or any type of different after taking it for 2 weeks. Twice a day so I bought the 60 bottle count after using the whole bottle of 40 thinking that after more weeks of taking it, it will help me but it personally didn’t. I wish I originally bought the 60 count instead of the 40 cause I was cheated out of my pocket twice !!! Hopefully I can get a refund on atleast 1 of the bottles I purchased …

Rating: 15/20



  • Good as an energy and focus booster
  • Great late-night study aid
  • Well-rounded ingredients


  • Dirty marketing (leveraging off competitors)
  • Ingredients used are low quality
  • Not as well-rounded as we’d like (no effects to memory or mood)
  • No useful or clear information actually give on website
  • Poor value at $59.95 for an energy pill
  • Needs to be cycled due to inclusion of Huperzine A

Our Verdict

AddieUp is an overhyped ‘brain supplement’ that barely even qualifies as one. With its effects being more towards energy and focus, and doing almost nothing at all to anything else, AddieUp is perhaps one of the most expensive caffeine pills we’ve seen.

AddieUp does try to be a brain supplement, and we’ll give it credit in that it gets all the major points right. However, in this case, execution is more important. They may have the right ingredients, but they are of low quality, and impotent due to a large chunk of the formula being dedicated to caffeine.

Through our experience, we can really say that AddieUp can help if you’re looking for a productive few hours or if you just need the extra energy and focus to blast through a big project. But due to the side effects the large amount of caffeine will bring, we can’t advise that you take it every day.

At the price of $59.95, it’s average among brain supplements… but the fact that it does nothing more than what a caffeine pill can do should make you think twice about spending that much money on it.

Overall, AddieUp gets a few things right, but so many more wrong. They manage to miss the mark on almost everything, and for that reason, we sadly can’t fully recommend AddieUp to everyone.

AddieUp Reviewed by Top Cognitive Enhancers. Rating:70.1%
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