Last Updated: September 11, 2020
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What happens when you take the most potent (legal) memory enhancer – Noopept – and add in a couple of 'clean' stimulants such as Guarana for powerful motivation and mental drive, and a handful of neuro-protectants, and focus boosting plant extracts? The answer is LumUltra - a Noopept based 'super pill' promising to help you develop a smarter, calmer, more focused mind after just 30 days use. But does it work?... Well your emails and reviews seemed to agree with our judging panel who were quick to fall in love with this new 'daily essential'.


Neuronol Rating: 6th
Overall Success Rate: 80.9%
Last Updated: September 16, 2020


Background Check

Neuronol is a brain supplement manufactured by Dignity Bio-Labs, which is one of the most reputable supplement manufacturers in the industry. This supplement is supposed to help support brain function and boost memory recall, as well as help you focus. It has no fillers, binders, or additives, and all its ingredients are 100% natural.


Supplement Facts: 14/20

  • L-Glutamine may increase cognitive function, as well as help boost muscle performance
  • Nettles help increase the levels of testosterone in the body
  • Taurine has a good effect on the nerve endings of the brain, which provides you with a natural boost of energy
  • Caffeine is an energy booster that may help with focus and may improve your immune system
  • DMAE may help reduce stress, as well as enhance learning and cognitive performance
  • Ginkgo Biloba helps boost brain function and increases blood flow to the brain
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL helps the brain to produce more acetylcholine, which improves memory and cognitive performance
  • Bacopa Monnieri may help enhance memory by boosting blood flow to the brain-boosting
  • B12 may help keep your brain and nervous system functioning properly


Overall, Neuronol contains natural ingredients and no additives or fillers. These ingredients are all supposed to help with memory and cognitive function. It also contains taurine and caffeine, which will both help boost your energy and focus for short periods.


Effects and Benefits: 14/20

We tried Neuronol for a one month period. We noticed some immediate effects: we definitely felt a boost of energy and improved focus after taking this supplement. But that soon wore off, and as the month went on, we felt it less and less. We didn’t really experience any improvements in our memory, even with all the memory-boosting ingredients.


Potential Side Effects: 14/20

Although Neuronol doesn’t report any side effects, it does contain caffeine, so you might experience some caffeine-related effects such as feeling jittery, having heart palpitations, headaches, and insomnia. In our experience, there were some headaches, although they were mild and did not happen all the time.


Pricing Options: 15/20

You can purchase Neuronol directly from their website in three different packages: The starter package for one month ($64.95), the intermediate package for three months (194.85), and the best value package for six months ($389.70). Your first purchase also comes with a discount.


Online Reviews: 14/20

Most online sources give Neuronol a good review. While some reviews are similar to our experiences, others say that long-term use (4-6 months) can show more positive effects.




  • all natural ingredients, no fillers or additives
  • good reviews online


  • expensive compared to other brain supplements
  • may take a long time to see results


Our Verdict: 80.9%

There’s a lot of good reviews out there for Neuronol, but in our experience the effects are only a short-term boost in energy and focus, likely due to the caffeine. Other reviews say you can experience better effects with long-term use, but at $64.95 a bottle, that’s a lot to invest in a brain supplement. If you ask us, there are other brain supplements out there that work just as well if not better, and are much cheaper than this one.

Neuronol Reviewed by Top Cognitive Enhancers. Rating:80.9%

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