Last Updated: May 15, 2020
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“Which brain enhancing supplement is best for me?”

– Meet our most commonly asked question.
Time and time again we get emails from people wanting to know which brain enhancement supplements (nootropics) work, which don’t, and which one would be best for them and their particularly goal or desired areas of improvement, such as focus, memory, overall brain function. The first two questions can be answered through simple testing a measuring, but the third is more complex. People take nootropic brain enhancers for many different reasons, and nootropics can affect people in different ways. The simplest way to start is to read our reviews. Each review has an initial summary so within a few short lines you can decide whether you wish to continue reading or not.

We review each brain empowering products by taking a look at so much more than just the product itself. We take into consideration the company, the lab, the website, pricing, business strategy (I.E Who’s running credit card rebilling systems), testimonials and online reviews in the forums and various websites. Most importantly we take into consideration the views and opinions you share with us when sending in your reviews to our site here. With your help we are able to review many more products. If you wish to submit a review please hit the Contact Us button or directly on each product review page’s Write a Review form.

Without any more time wasted, let’s take a look at the products, get natural potent vitamins for your brain today starting with the reviews for our Top 5 rated smart pills.

2019-2020 Top 5 Brain Boosting Supplements (aka Nootropics, Smart Pills)

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    Rated 1st LumUltra

    Avanse Lab Overall Success Rating: 98.7%

    Summary: Avanse Nutraceuticals’ LumUltra (New and Improved) blows all our editors away with an innovatively new formula utilizing the potent Noopept, in combination with select key natural nootropics. Hands down, LumUltra is the best cognitive enhancer we’ve ever reviewed, and will probably top our list for a very long time.

    LumUltra is a relatively newer brain supplement, but having heard so many positive reviews about it that we just had to take a look at what the hype was all about. LumUltra comes from the company Avanse Nutraceuticals, and has only been seeing very positive scores across the many critique and expert websites everywhere since its release. The first were…

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    Review 6
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    Rated 2nd Brain Pill

    Overall Success Rating: 91.8%

    Summary: We are impressed by the speed and precision at which BrainPill responds to brain enhancement needs – and without unwanted effects that could turn off first-time users. The benefits are sustained and evident from first dose, and this doesn't happen every time with nootropic products

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    Review 905
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    Rated 3th OptiMind

    Overall Success Rating: 88.6%

    Summary: A glorified caffeine pill containing a few low-quality nootropic ingredients that does nothing more than give you a headache at the end of the day, both due to the side effects and the poor value purchase for a high price.

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    Review 67
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    Rated 4th Alpha Brain

    Onnit Labs Overall Success Rating: 87.8%

    Summary: Onnit’s Alpha Brain is potent, and much loved, but while packing a solid formula – especially if you were to add your own nootropics on top – as a stand alone supplement it could be better. Great customer service and a genuine passion for what they do does overshadow the gathering voices who are asking why the experience didn’t live up to the website claims… But we still can’t take away from them a cool entry level product.

    If you’ve been avidly searching for the best brain supplement in the market, the name Alpha Brain will most definitely have come up at least a few times. Alpha Brain is a brain supplement that’s gone through many iterations… the Alpha Brain you see today is very different from the Alpha Brain when it first came out. The company behind it, Onnit, has slowly been shifting itself towards a health and fitness brand, and with that slow change also came the changes in Alpha Brain’s formula.

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    Review 36
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    Rated 5th Lucidal

    McCleary Scientific Overall Success Rating: 80.8%

    Summary: Dr. McCleary’s Lucidal is a good memory and motivation improving product targeted to the elderly that could have been a lot better with a slight reformulation. It doubles as a multivitamin, and so could have been a lot more potent. Still, it’s a solid option… if you can get past the price!

    If you’ve never heard of Lucidal before, don’t fret. Checking out their website, you’ll be pleased to find out that it actually contains a lot of information about the product, the brain and memory in general, FAQs, testimonials, and if you’re interested, there are even some eBooks for sale. It really seems like a lot of work has been put into compiling the information on the website, and it seems like McCleary is a pretty knowledgeable man.

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    Review 34
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