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4 foods that are making you dumber with every mouthful

Just as there are brain-boosting foods like nuts and blueberries that protect and even enhance our brain functions , there are also their counterparts: the “dumb” foods that affect our alertness, memory, and mood.

1. Sugar. Everyone has heard that eating too much sugar leads to health problems, yet not everyone realizes that being exposed to it over an extend period of time can cause neurological problems . Because too much sugar slows down brain cell’s use of insulin, a decrease in brain activity is expected, affecting particularly the ability of processing new information .

2. Trans Fats. A high dietary intake of trans fats is correlated with accelerated cognitive decline, suggesting its association with neurodegenerative diseases . This condition appears to affect particularly to women, particularly in visuospatial and word recognition tasks .

3. Artificial Sweeteners. People often turn to these novel products as means of promoting a healthy body weight. Paradoxically, several studies have now linked their extended use not only to increased weight gain , but also concerning alterations in neurometabolic functions . In a study carried out just last year -2014-, healthy adults consumed a study-prepared high-aspartame diet (25 mg/kg body weight/day) for 8 days and a low-aspartame diet (10 mg/kg body weight/day) for 8 days, and were examined for within-subject differences in cognition, depression, mood, and headache. When consuming high-aspartame diets, participants had more irritable mood, exhibited more depression, and performed worse on spatial orientation tests .

4. Tofu. This may seem counterintuitive, since tofu is typically regarded as a healthy food; however, “gastronomical trends” do not tend to be very scientific. Thus, large consumption

Please refer to our article about brain-boosting foods here.

of tofu has been linked to memory loss and poor cognitive performance, with consistent findings reported in Indonesia, Japan, United States and China

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