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Avanse "LumUltra"

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What happens when you take the most potent (legal) memory enhancer – Noopept – and add in a couple of 'clean' stimulants such as Guarana for powerful motivation and mental drive, and a handful of neuro-protectants, and focus boosting plant extracts? The answer is LumUltra - a Noopept based 'super pill' promising to help you develop a smarter, calmer, more focused mind after just 30 days use. But does it work?... Well your emails and reviews seemed to agree with our judging panel who were quick to fall in love with this new 'daily essential'.

Procera AVH

Last Updated: November 25, 2023

Procera AVH
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Background Check

Procera AVH is a more conventional take at a brain supplement, especially judging from its overall packaging and look. Procera AVH (with the A, V, and H standing for its ingredients) is just one in Procera Health’s line of brain supplements, which focuses more on memory, mood, and brain health. What we find interesting though is that the whole Procera Health brand itself is staying away from the edgier designs that new brain supplements seem to be adopting… this is very evident in their products’ packaging and their website.

Perhaps this decision was to cater to an older demographic. All the pictures you see on their website are of old people smiling (because why wouldn’t they be smiling?). After all, I’m sure your mom or dad probably wouldn’t want to use something with a name sounding like FOCUS BOOST or Biohack.

Speaking of their website, it’s very informative. You can probably spend a few hours reading on so much information about their products, as well on some articles regarding the brain. Included is a pretty detailed FAQ section, as well as some brief descriptions on the ingredients used and what they do. It was also really nice to see a supplement facts label on their website… something we don’t see too often in this industry anymore.

“Since 2006, Procera AVH has helped thousands of people jumpstart their memory and their mood. This breakthrough nutritional supplement is a booster shot for the brain—a bit like a new set of sparkplugs.”


Formula Highlights


Supplement Facts:
Procera AVH (Proprietary Blend) 1,515 mg
A = Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL,
V =
H = Huperzine A (from Huperzine Serrata)


The manufacturers seem to have employed a very “bare-bone” ideology when it came to the formulation of Procera AVH. That’s the thing you will notice almost immediately: it only has three key ingredients, which makes the formula quite potent.

So many manufacturers today seem to just want to include more and more ingredients in their formula, not thinking this will decrease the potency of their supplement. The users almost always suffer in this regard as companies will usually have to compensate for this by increasing the daily recommended serving, driving the price higher.

On the other hand of the spectrum, however, is Procera AVH. It’s only got three ingredients, making it very potent… but one must beg the question if the manufacturers have gone too far here too. These three ingredients are major nootropics, but will they be enough to get the job done? Then again, perhaps that’s why Procera AVH is only supposed to be working on your mood and memory.

Key Ingredients:

Acetyl L-Carnitine: The “enhanced” version of Carnitine that has not only shown to aid fat burning, but also offers potential benefits to the brain due to its ability to cross the brain-blood barrier. It aids in the production of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for memory, learning, problem-solving ability, and general cognition.


Huperzine A: A natural supplement that is known to increase the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain. It has in many studies shown effectiveness in improving focus and clarity, while also having positive effects on memory and the storage of information in the brain. Due to the nature of the supplement, its effectiveness reduces when taken continuously, and so should be cycled off for 1-2 days every week.


While we really like Procera AVH’s potency, we think that the manufacturers might have just gone a little overboard in this case. We would love to have seen the addition of Ginkgo Biloba or perhaps even Panax Ginseng. Nevertheless, the ingredients are substantial and Procera AVH is still a solid formula… however, it might be better used as a ‘base’ for a nootropic stack.

Rating: 16/20

Effects and Benefits

A handful of us at the office decided to test Procera AVH over the course of a month. The effects were very subtle and would easily be missed if you aren’t paying attention. From day one, the majority of us didn’t really feel anything with Procera AVH. I noticed no issues with brain fog. Overall, the effects were very subtle.

It wasn’t until at least the second or third week on Procera AVH before we could actually notice a ‘difference’.

Finally, Procera AVH also had a minor effect on mood. Everyone who gave it a shot could say that they felt generally great when on Procera – some woke up fresh, positive, and ready to start the day.

Rating: 18/20


Potential Side Effects

In our month’s experience with Procera AVH, we did not notice any adverse side effects, except from one of our reviewers who noted mood swings. We weren’t able to pinpoint the reason for that, but if something similar happens to you, we recommend coming off of Procera AVH for a couple of days and then trying again on a slightly lower dosage.

Also please keep yourself well hydrated when on Procera AVH.

One more thing: since Procera AVH contains Huperzine A, you will need to cycle it off for a couple of days every week to maintain the formula’s effectiveness.

Rating: 18/20


Pricing Options

A box of Procera AVH costs $39.99, with a recommended daily serving of three capsules. Please note though that since the box only contains 60 capsules, you are going to run out in around 20 days’ worth of usage. This isn’t bad at all if you consider the fact that you need to be off Procera AVH for at least 1-2 days every week, but even then, you still aren’t going to make it to day 30. Furthermore, a lot of other manufacturers seem to be able to squeeze 30 days’ use out of their supplements – either by having 60 capsules 2 per day, or having 90 capsules 3 per day – so we were a little disappointed with Procera here.

If you really want to think about Procera AVH’s 30-day price (since that’s the only way you can compare Procera AVH with all the other products we’ve reviewed), it’s actually closer to $60… which isn’t really too expensive, until you consider the fact that there are really only three ingredients. Premade nootropics like Procera AVH were made for convenience, but seeing that there are only three ingredients, you might be better off buying powders and mixing your own. It’ll be so much cheaper and wouldn’t take that much time to do if just 3 ingredients.

Rating: 17/20

Online Reviews

Online perception on Procera AVH is quite mixed. While there are a number of good reviews out there, the negative ones that we’ve read are quite alarming: things like the company not acknowledging their money-back guarantees, shady marketing tactics, and lawsuits.

User Review by Sonja Hans on

I have been using Procera since it first came out and I saw in advertised on television many years ago. I do not use it daily…..I use it only when I need it —- take it a few days and then get back off of it. It does work. When I get to the point I can’t remember where I put the last thing I picked up….that’s when I start taking Procera again. It really does work on me and is a great memory booster.

User Review by 777 on

I dont know if it works or not. I only tried it for 2 months and I didnt notice anything. I suppose if you took it along time it might do something but I tend to think it is a placebo. The one thing I will say is that customer service was good at giving a refund. Personally I think you would be better off learning how to eat right and get some exercise rather than looking for a magic pill.

User Review by Jeffrey Labowski on

I’m a master’s student, plugging through endless papers / lectures. Gave this a product a try hoping for a boost in my focus, alertness, and awareness. At $54 I assumed this was going to be a product of quality and most of all legitimate. I assumed wrong. I’ve been taking it now for over three months and so far I received no noticeable benefit.

Rating: 15/20




  • Available through a number of different online retailers
  • Simple formula makes it great for beginners
  • Good as a base for a stack or a topping



  • Doesn’t do much aside aiding memory
  • Many other options that are more well-rounded in effects
  • Poor value compared to price
  • Many negative reports on company’s business practices


Our Verdict

While we believe their manufacturers had a good idea when they set out to make Procera AVH, they went a little overboard. Trying to increase potency by decreasing the number of ingredients, they effectively reduced the list of ingredients so much… that they’re now coming off as a little cheap. Procera AVH’s formula is pretty simple and if you’re just going to buy this one, we would rather you just buy individual supplements or powders and just mix them. It will be so much cheaper too.

We would like to have seen Ginkgo and Panax in its formula, as that might have made it more well-rounded overall.

Overall, Procera AVH is a reasonable product, but not much else. There are hardly any side effects (at least from our tests), but we can’t fully recommend it because of its price, considering that there are better out there for cheaper.

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Your Complete, Personalized Guide

In such a busy, harried world, people look for all the help they can get.

They’ve got problems remembering things, concentrating in school or focusing on a big work project, or being in the best energy and mood level for family and their personal goals.

Nootropics - also known as “smart pills” and brain enhancement supplements - are designed to help address these cognitive issues and improve memory and learning, focus and concentration, problem solving, and overall energy and vibrancy. These supplements are a potential fit for students (usually college students), professionals and business executives, and the elderly who want to enhance their brain power and performance.

How Do Nootropics Work?

Known by many different names, nootropics act as brain enhancement aids and brain boosters that don’t leave your cognitive wellness to fate.

There are two kinds of nootropics: (1) pharmaceutical cognitive enhancers made up of chemicals believed to have a clear effect on the brain and nervous system, and (2) natural cognitive enhancers, which are mostly herbal or nutrient-based in their composition. Our reviews focus on the second group, which don’t require a prescription, not considered drugs, and thus are allowed to be sold the counter and online via vitamin retail shops like Amazon.

Are natural nootropics actually the savior they’re painted to be?

These plant-based extracts promise improved mental functioning, no less. Their surging popularity, particularly in recent years, can be attributed to their high overall safety value and few and minor side effects compared with their pharmaceutical counterparts.

If you’ve heard of the term “nootropic stack,” it means different herbal or nutrient-based nootropics “stacked” together to achieve your own cognitive targets.

Types of Natural Nootropics

  1. Neurotransmitter enhancers - These increase the activity of brain chemicals responsible for mental sharpness. Examples are acetylcholine, and other neurotransmitters.
  2. Vasodilators - Boost blood flow to the brain via widening the blood vessels.
  3. Antioxidants - Preserve and protect brain cells from the damage caused by free radicals roaming in the body

A high-quality nootropic can change your brain wellness and make you limitless in many different ways. These include enhanced memory, increased attention to detail, outrageously good focus, increased alertness, better mental and visual acuity, improved learning and thinking, managed stress, better mood and energy, and a generally renewed sense of life and brain performance.

This is why this product review guide will help you in so many ways to know a nootropic inside and out. From the ABCs of the product formula to the overall verdict, you will have an informed choice of what to choose for your next nootropic bottle or product.

What Should You Look For In A Top-Rated Nootropic?

  1. Offers essential vitamins and nutrients - Your brain gobbles up an unbelievable amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients for it to properly function for life’s everyday demands. The nootropic you deserve provides these crucial components and more. Ginkgo biloba, Bacopa monnieri, Panax ginseng, and more - the list is endless, but only a few good ones deserve your attention. Click here for the top-rated ingredient list for a smart pill.

  2. Backed by clinical data and experts - The best nootropics have a solid scientific basis through independent, third-party research data on their effectiveness and benefits.

    There’s no reason for a credible health care expert not to endorse a well-created supplement for brain enhancement.

  3. Superior manufacturing standards - It’s not just about the ingredients, but also creating the product with the highest standards of production. The best supplements are manufactured in the United States, in a laboratory registered by the FDA. The manufacturer should be GMP certified as well!

  4. Independent reviews (Not just Amazon!) - Reviews can be bought and unverified, so keep an eye out for them. Our reviews, for instance, maintain their independence through a circle of product testers that really get to the bottom of things and assess individual product performance and quality.

What Should You Avoid In A Brain Enhancement Supplement?

  1. Improper dosage - Incorrect levels of each active ingredient - yikes! This leads you to believe that you’re getting optimum value and not the cheaper, over-hyped product that it actually is.

  2. Insufficient return policy and fraud - Reputablecompanies offer 100% money-back guarantee since they are confident enough that their product works. Read the fine print and don’t just trust what you see on the surface.

  3. “Free trial” offers - Does it seem too good to be true? Then it probably is. If you have to enter your credit card details to get to try a product for a month for free, then it’s not free.

Let’s combine your due diligence in research and our honest, in-your-face product reviews that won’t leave you guessing and wanting more information.

The Best Smart Pills On The Market In 2022-2023

We have dutifully compiled the top 5 brain enhancement supplements based on our independent review, product trial, and well-vetted product information. Here’s what we’ve come up with to help you make a smart decision on smart pills today.

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  • Wyatt P.

    Did not enhance my mental performance. Very dissatisfied.
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    Tried it for weeks with no change in mental alertness. False advertising.
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