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Nootropics For Children: 3 Great Solutions for a Happier, Calmer and More Focused Child


Today we are going to discuss the use of nootropic supplements as a solution for your child’s attention and mood issues as well as a substitute to ADHD prescription medications. We hope that by the end of this article you will feel more confident in your knowledge of nootropics and be able to choose the right ones that suit your child’s needs.

A lot of parents try their absolute best not to give their kids any kinds of capsules that come from a bottle, regardless of how beneficial they can be. Reasons may vary, but for the most part it’s because of this underlying stigma that supplements are hazardous, that they are harmful to our health, that they are unnatural and therefore unnecessary. The amount of negativity that surrounds supplement use makes us feel like we are making the right decisions as parents to reject them. However, given the immense variety of supplements available in the market, it would be purely ignorant to categorize them all into one group, to label them all as “scary” or “harmful.” Just like you can separate good foods from bad ones, you can also choose beneficial supplements from the not-so-useful ones.

Nootropic supplements specifically are designed to enhance mental performance. Different types work in different ways, but for the most part, here’s how they work…

• They boost focus by increasing blood flow stimulation in the brain.
• They reduce anxiety by increasing alpha brain waves.
• They enhance learning abilities by increasing the production of important brain chemicals.

So as complex as the word “nootropics” may seem, they’re actually not very complicated at all. And the best part about them is that they work as promised without causing unwanted side effects. Why? Because they simply enhance your brain’s natural abilities rather than altering them completely.

Nootropics are quite popular in the world of CEO’s, successful entrepreneurs and hard-working students, but what most people don’t know is that they can work just as well for kids and teens. That is, if you choose the right ones at the right dosages.

Our message today is clear and simple – if your child struggles to concentrate, is unmotivated and hyperactive, we strongly recommend that you try one or all of these clinically researched, well tolerated nootropic solutions.



Phosphatidylserine is a famous supplement option for kids with any kind of attention issues. The compound not only boosts concentration in children and teens but may also improve learning, memory and mental clarity.

A life-changing study published in the Official Journal of The British Dietetic Association showed promising effects of phosphatidylserine supplementation in children aged 4-14.1 A total of 36 kids participated in the study – 19 received 200 mg of phosphatidylserine while 17 received placebo for 2 months. Results showed that children who were administered with 200 mg of phosphatidylserine daily had significant improvements in both attention span and memory.



You may be thinking, “The picture above sure looks a whole lot like tea.” That’s because it is! L-Theanine is a natural constituent in many different strains of tea, but its content is usually highest in green tea. This natural compound is an amino acid that promotes relaxation and calmness. L-Theanine is often used by children with ADD/ADHD to reduce hyperactivity and induce calmer behavior.

Although its exact effects were previously unknown, a randomized, double-blinded study conducted in 2011 gave hope to hundreds of parents around the nation.2 Published on Alternative Medicine Review, a Journal of Clinical Therapeutics, the study demonstrated the beneficial effects of L-Theanine on boys with ADHD. A daily dose of 200 mg of L-Theanine seems to improve the sleep quality of young kids with ADHD, who often struggle with hyperactivity and mood swings. Improved sleep leads to better mood, reduced stress and improved learning skills.

Rhodiola Rosea


R. Rosea is a plant adaptogen that ameliorates the way your body responds to stress. High levels of stress in children and teens often lead to fatigue, low motivation, mood swings, and inappropriate behavior. The extract has undergone clinical studies that show its physical and mental performance enhancing properties. R. Rosea can be used to promote higher cognitive function by boosting focus and lowering stress. The plant has also been associated with increased serotonin levels, which leads to improved mood, better sleep and even enhanced memory.

A study published in the Journal of Phytomedicine showed the effects of Rhodiola Rosea on students who experienced stress-induced fatigue during exams.3 The researchers concluded that the group of students who received Rhodiola Rosea for 20 days performed better than those who did not.

The typical dosage for adults is 100-200 mg of R. Rosea daily but kids and teens below 18 years old may have to take 70-75 mg.

What’s the next step?

Now that you’re fully informed about the 3 best, most highly recommended nootropics for kids available, your next step should be to decide which kind would suit your child’s needs the most. If you solely want to tackle a single aspect of your child’s behavior i.e. hyperactivity, then you may just want to go for one supplement (in this case, it would be L-Theanine). However, if you want your child to get boosted focus, stabilized mood and reduced stress, we do suggest that you go for all 3 supplements as they combine very well to boost each other’s effects.

There are a few options to consider before you place an online order. The first one is to get these supplements separately. They should be available for order on online supplement stores. With this option, however, we cannot guarantee the quality and dosage of the ingredients. For this reason, we do suggest that you buy a pre-made supplement especially designed for kids and teens. A very popular choice amongst parents right now is Lumultra Prep, created by Avanse Nutraceuticals. We’ve been using Avanse’s products for years now and the reason we continue to love their company is because they consistently create high quality supplements with pure ingredients at well-controlled dosages. They also give a 90-day money back guarantee with every single order. Lumultra Prep also comes in chewable gummy form so that your child doesn’t have a single reason to say no.

To visit Avanse Nutraceutical’s main site click here or to purchase Lumultra Prep directly please click here. Once you buy the product, make sure that you stick with the suggested dose of 1 chewable per day and that your child is under supervision when using the supplement.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.